I began my swim instruction career in the summer of 1987.  
Our young family had just purchased a new home in
Mesquite, Texas with a
swimming pool…we were so
excited!!! However, my enthusiasm quickly turned to fear
as I recalled the countless headline stories I’d seen in the
news over the years about tragic drowning accidents
involving young children.  These terrifying scenarios began
to race through my mind and I immediately saw how
young mother of a three-year-old daughter and a nine-month-old son, I
became determined to do everything within my power to make sure that a
devastating event (like the ones I’d read about) was not going to happen to
us.  I personally had begun swim lessons at the age of 3, and oddly
enough, had managed to keep in touch with my own swim teacher over the
years.  When I relayed my fears to her and inquired about putting my kids
in lessons, I discovered that she still taught in North Dallas and she invited
me to bring my children, and come and observe here teach a few classes.
Under normal circumstances, she typically didn't’t allow parents to stay
during lesson time, but when I told her that I was hoping to teach lessons
to other children within my community she was encouraging and thought
that it’d be a great idea!  Naturally, much of the swim instruction technique
I developed came from her, and I have been teaching lessons ever since.
Currently, I teach approximately 100 children every summer, but at one
point in my business my classes were in such demand that I had around
350 students in a 3 month period.