Rain days.  We swim as long it is not pouring or lightning in the
sky.  If it is sprinkling, we swim.  If you do not hear from me (up to
30 minutes before your class) plan on coming to lessons.
If you
call and I do not answer, I am in the pool teaching lessons.
Just because it is raining at your house doesn't mean it is raining
here. If we do get rained out we make it up on Friday's.

2. Do I need to find a pool for lessons??
No, I teach in my backyard pool.

3. Will you teach in my pool??
No, all lessons are taught in my backyard pool.

4. How much do you charge for private lessons?
$150 per week and you must commit to at least two                 
weeks. $300 total for the two weeks, each additional                  
sibling is $75. per week.

5. When should I get my little one into lessons?
If you have a pool, as soon as they start to walk.  
if not, three is a good age to begin.

6. What do I need for lessons?  
Bring your child on an empty stomach and in his/her swim suit        
along with a towel.

7. Can my child wear his/her goggles?
. Unless there is a very good reason, it's just not necessary.

8. Can I stay and watch my child's swim lessons?
I have found that there are just too many distractions when
moms, dads and siblings are in the pool area.  
Remember the last lessons you'll be able to come into the pool
area and your child will show you what s/he has learned AND I will
give you pointers on how to continue to work with him/her.